Who is playing your music?

EarOne monitoring service allows you to view all the music charts and broadcasters’ playlists at any time. It also permits to know the actual airplay of all the music being played, also providing a comprehensive overview of the Italian recorded music market.

Submit your tracks through Mediasender

Mediasender is a digital delivery service which is tailor-made to your needs. It enables you to create and send by email digital cards containing promotional information on your tracks/sound recordings, links to videos, audios, news and necessary licenses.

SIAE License

Under a collective license with SIAE, A.F.I. offers to all its Members the possibility of sending digital cards with information on their musical works. No additional formalities are required and no individual license for promotion purposes is needed. A.F.I. also keeps a record of all the cards sent by its Members.

Protect your rights

Thanks to a partnership with FPM (Federation against piracy in music and multimedia), all A.F.I. Members can benefit from anti-piracy services provided by the operating company DCP – Digital Content Protection.

Phonogram Producers can directly notify A.F.I. of any infringements and/or unlawful uses of their Repertoire.

Manage your repertoire

Thanks to a significant technical partnership, A.F.I. will integrate its operating systems with GRM (Global Rights Management). All A.F.I. Members will be able to benefit from this powerful tool for managing repertoires and all the necessary information.

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