What is an ISRC code?

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) enables sound and music video recordings to be uniquely and permanently identified internationally.

In 1989 IFPI Secretariat (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) was appointed by ISO as International ISRC Agency.

In 1994 FIMI (Federation of Italian Music Industry) was appointed by IFPI as National ISRC Agency in Italy.

Since 2019 A.F.I. – in cooperation with FIMI – has issued ISRC codes.

The ISRC system is constructed so that any entity creating sound recordings can obtain the means to issue ISRCs regardless of their membership, of or standing with, industry associations and other bodies.
It is stressed that ISRC identifies sound recordings and music video recordings and not physical products (‘carriers’) and that there is no conflict with existing product catalogue numbering systems with which it co-exists. Neither does ISRC identify a digitally distributed package, although sound and music video recordings included in such a package should be identified with an ISRC.

The ISRC comprises 12 alphanumeric characters divided into 4 elements separated by hyphens for visual presentation:

Country (2 characters): for example GB for UK, US for USA, IT for Italy, etc. (allocated by the National ISRC Agency)
Registrant (3 alphanumeric characters allocated by the National ISRC Agency)
Year of Reference (2 digits): normally allocated by the Registrant in the year in which the preparation of the final production Pre-Master for the recording is finalised.
Designation (5 digits): assigned by the Registrant. Numbers for the Designation Code should preferably be assigned sequentially.

How to get an ISRC code?

  • Fill out the form below (if VAT number holder, please indicate Sdl number or a certified email address in the notes section)
  • Wait for acknowledgement of receipt by A.F.I. email (afi@afi.it)
  • Follow payment instructions
  • Once the payment is verified, A.F.I. will send the ISRC requested by email to the address indicated in the form

The ISRC-issuing costs:

  • € 55, 00 + VAT for sound recording ISRC
  • € 55, 00 + VAT for music video recording ISRC

Payment of ISRC (for sound and/or music video recording) is carried out once. After having received the ISRC code, allocation to each own recording is made by the Registrant.

Payment methods

Payment can be made either:

  • by using PayPal; or
  • by bank transfer

ISRC Application Form (only for A.F.I. Members and Clients)

    ISRC Applicant Information

    Applicant (*)



    VAT number/TIN

    Place of birth (if natural person)

    Date of foundation / date of birth

    Legal representative

    Address of registered office / residence




    Email address

    Phone number




    Email address

    Phone number

    Mobile phone number




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