Become a Member of A.F.I.

To join A.F.I. as a Member, please fill out and sign both the Mandate and the Preliminary Questionnaire and submit them to A.F.I. Association Secretary by email (

Sign a Mandate with A.F.I.

To entrust the management of your neighbouring rights to A.F.I., please fill out and sign the Mandate and submit it to A.F.I. Association Secretary by email (

Why sign a Mandate with A.F.I.?

The Mandate on A.F.I. is conferred – without powers of representation – for the purposes of:

a. entering into Contracts, in Italy and abroad, with Users of the Carriers, negotiating terms and conditions thereof, including of a financial nature;

b. entering into Contracts in Italy and abroad, negotiating terms and conditions, including of a financial nature, with any firms, companies and organizations in general, responsible, whether individually and collectively, for the collection of revenues deriving from such uses;

c. collecting Managed Rights Revenues owed to the Client in relation to the uses of the Carriers;

d. allocating and distributing to the Client Managed Rights Revenues, in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association and the Regulations;

e. implementing and carrying out – including by executing Contracts – all the administrative and technical services necessary for, conducive to or useful in the performance of this Mandate;

f. managing any other rights similar and/or complementary to, and/or of a similar nature of the Managed Rights that may accrue to the Client, including as arising from any future regulatory and/or legislative provisions;

g. carrying out any extra-judicial and judicial actions, before any civil and criminal courts, aimed at fighting counterfeit, piracy and the evasion of equitable remuneration under the ICL, including on a basis of unfair competition and/or in general illegal acts of any kind whatsoever, and accordingly request, negotiate and collect the relevant compensation for damages;

h. seeking the judgment of any Court with regard to any of the activities referred to in this clause 2.2., carrying out the necessary actions, also in settlement, collecting the applicable compensation and, in general, taking any initiative, whether in or out of court, as may be necessary or appropriate for the performance of the Mandate, the protection of the Repertoire and Managed Rights, and the fight against any form of illicit use of the Repertoire.

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