Become a Member of A.F.I.

To join A.F.I. as a Member, please fill out and sign both the Mandate and the Preliminary Questionnaire and submit them to A.F.I. Association Secretary by email (

Sign a Mandate with A.F.I.

To entrust the management of your neighbouring rights to A.F.I., please fill out and sign the Mandate and submit it to A.F.I. Association Secretary by email (

Why sign a Mandate with A.F.I.?

Mandate is given to A.F.I. without power of representation for the carrying out of the following activities:

a) negotiating and concluding agreements with users of Carriers in Italy and abroad;
b) negotiating and concluding agreements with those companies, societies and entities in charge, on a collective and/or individual basis, of collecting rights revenues derived from such exploitation in Italy and abroad;
c) collecting Managed Rights Revenues due to the Client in relation to the uses of Carriers;
d) allocating and distributing to the Client Managed Rights Revenues in accordance with A.F.I. Articles of Association and Regulation;
e) implementing and carrying out – also by concluding agreements – all administrative and technical services which are necessary, functional or necessary for the performance of the Mandate;
f) administering rights which are similar and/or complementary to the Managed Rights resulting from future legal provisions and/or laws;
g) carrying out court and out-of-court legal actions to suppress counterfeiting, piracy, fair remuneration evasion, also in relation to unfair competition and/or unlawful acts, and claiming, negotiating and collecting related damages;
h) bringing proceedings before a court by carrying out necessary legal actions – also by amicable settlement – collecting revenues and, in general, taking any action necessary or useful for the performance of the Mandate, the protection of Repertoire and Managed Rights, the suppression of any form of unlawful uses of Repertoire.

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